Looking for a supportive community to homeschool with? Look no further! We are an all-volunteer organization offering activities, resources, and a support network for homeschooling families. Our events are a great way to connect with other homeschoolers and form meaningful friendships.

Project fairs

We currently offer several project fairs throughout the year, including:
  • Geography Fair

  • Science Fair 

  • Living Wax Museum

  • Jr. Entrepreneurship fair

Book clubs

Calling all young bookworms! Our Book Club is a fun and engaging way for young readers to connect with books and each other. Each month, we choose a new book to read and discuss, and kids can participate in activities and games related to the book. It's a great way to foster a love of reading and develop critical thinking skills!


We currently offer several extracurricular activities throughout the year, including:
  • Nature Study

  • Club Days

  • Poetry Tea Time

  • Yoga

Field trips

Get ready to explore the world with our homeschool group! We organize regular field trips to museums, zoos, and other educational destinations. These trips are a great way to learn and have fun with your kids while connecting with other homeschooling families.